Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy


All orders are processed within 24 - 48 hours of being placed. Orders received on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be processed by the next business day. Business day means Monday to Friday between 8 am to 4 pm EST, except holidays.


While we strive to maintain its 8 – 12 weeks average time-to-ship we make no guarantees and will accept no liability nor honor any claim towards ruminative action stemming from a longer than average time-to-ship. (Time-to-ship refers to the time period between the order placement and the handling of the product over to the carrier for transport).


Our warehouse is located in the city of Miami, fl, shipments have their origin in our warehouse to the customer's destination.



Shipments are made within the united states according to the table below, for zones 1,2,3 and 4,  We offer an exclusive benefit to avoid the value of the purchase increasing due to shipping costs, a Flat rate of $149,99. For the other zones, the shipping cost is calculated based on carrier tariffs and depending on the zone where the customer is located. Please be aware that distance is a critical factor in the final shipping cost.


  • Zone1: 1-50 mile radius
  • Zone2: 51-150 mile radius
  • Zone3: 151-300 mile radius
  • Zone4: 301-600 mile radius
  • Zone5: 601-1.000 mile radius
  • Zone6: 1.001-1.400 mile radius
  • Zone7: 1401-1.800 mile radius
  • Zone8: 1.801 + mile radius


Shipping charges are non-refundable once items have left our warehouse. Once an order has been set up for shipment we do not accept any changes to the products ordered.


Total Shipping charges including additional charges must be assumed by the customer and the total cost will be settled on the invoice and charged to the customer's account at the time of payment.



DalelandDalel will do the best for on-time delivery under strict parameters of careful product handling, with the cheapest shipping costs in the sector, and a flat rate when applied according to the conditions settled before. The flat rate is not an obligation for the company, therefore it can be eliminated when the company considers it necessary.